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Ham on Rye

Ham on Rye - Charles Bukowski A tender and heartwarming coming of age tale about a German immigrant family coming to America and the humorous tales of growing up in a loving and hard-working family.

Hahaha! Yeah…no. Not even close.

I really did like this one, even though it fizzled out a little toward the end for me. A manly-man, non-stop raunch fest. Bleacher beavers, Grandma back-acne exorcism, doggie baptism and a whole lot of “cunt” going on. (I don’t recall that being a word kids used when I was in school, but I maybe it was just before my time.)

Not a whole lot of plotting either really, but a steady flow of vulgarity and crude happenings. In the words of Bukowski, “Not much cock, but look at those balls!” Or something like that…

Yep, I liked it.