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Satanic Summer

Satanic Summer - Andersen Prunty This being my first Prunty, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was more than pleasantly surprised how well this was written and how effortlessly the characters were fleshed out. There was a whole lot more sex and violence than I was anticipating and no shortage of offbeat, dark humor either. All of this added up to an enjoyable wild and whacky ride.

Doug Backus has been raised as a good, God fearing, Christian young man. For 18 years he has managed to shy away from sinful activities, minus the occasional beer and masturbatory fantasy. Doug and his friends are going to need all the goodness they can muster to fight off the terrible evil threatening to destroy the small town of Clover, Kentucky. Once a quiet little town, now plagued with murderous Satan worshippers bent on preforming a centuries old ritual to literally open the gates of hell.

An Old Milwaukie condom sculpture, penis sniffing Pork, goat home delivery, Chainsaw Enema, stink hand Perry and an old fashioned bloody orgy revival. Let the good times roll! A solid 4+ Stars and highly recommended.