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I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I'm Thinking of Ending Things - Iain Reid, Candace Thaxton Well, I had this thing all kinds of wrong. I knew some shenanigans were afoot, but I had it pretty much backward from the beginning. Not sure how that happened because the clues were there the whole time. Ok, I do know how it happened…that’s how it was written. Duh. I’m slow on the uptake sometimes.

Taking my friends Edwards advice, I listened to this on audio versus reading it and I think it made a world of difference. It was perfect for audio. The ending really nails that fact. I’m not sure how it would have read, but I have a feeling I would have been confused and possibly pissed. With the audio, the reveal made sense and I got what was going on right away. I almost want to listen to this backwards per Edwards suggestion, but don't think I have the gumption to do it. Maybe one day.

The narration for this was very good - the pacing, the cadence, the tone, everything fit like a glove. Perfect for the story. I really liked it. It was strange, off-putting, and engaging all at the same time. I have a funny feeling people are either going to love this one or completely hate it. I for one, thought it was very well done and I dug it.

“It's a no mirrors day for me.”