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Closet Treats

Closet Treats - Paul Elard Cooley *Review for audiobook version.

Trey sees things sometimes. He has little “blanks” in time. There seems to be tears in his reality that are getting larger and wearing very thin. All with a Scooby Doo soundtrack and a triple scoop of Yum Yum ice cream. The pills help. Not enough. I think the crazy may be winning. Or are the monsters in the closet real?

I really enjoyed this one from Mr. Cooley. It had the creepy factor in spades and there were some genuine goose bump moments in here. I really felt Trey’s struggle with keeping it together as his episodes increased in intensity and frequency. The narration for this one was also stellar. The cadence and tone were spot on and really added to the overall ambiance of the story. Very well done all around.

*I received a copy of this audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review.