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The Haunted Vagina

The Haunted Vagina - Carlton Mellick III There are voices coming out of Steve’s girlfriends vajayjay. “It was like listening to the ocean in a hairy flesh seashell.” Wtf, is going on down there in Stacy's love oven? Weird. Time to do a little pootie investigation. Get out the spelunking gear and dive head first into the vertical smile. It’s a whole other world up in the lady flower, complete with crafty dinners, spit covered glow worms, melting skeletons and a horny Fig.

Will Stacy ever find out the truth about her hoo-ha? Who could be haunting Stacy’s fiddly bits? Will Steve be able to find true love deep in the panty hamster? All these questions and more will be revealed from down under in the great vagoo.

Sometimes, I just make myself laugh. Like when I looked up silly names for the vagina on the internet while hanging on the couch with my wife. She kept wondering why I was sitting there giggling to myself like a moron. Just in case you’re interested, Googling funny names for the vagina will bring up all kinds of whacky things. Be forewarned. And if you are immature like me and have the mentality of a 14yr old school boy, then have fun.