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The Thicket

The Thicket - Joe R. Lansdale “Life isn’t just black or white, here or there; it’s got some mud in it, and we’re some of the mud.”

Jack Parker is having a bad run lately. His parents died of the pox, Grandpa was shot by a roving gang of nasties and his little sister Lula was taken captive. Now he has joined up with a posse of his own to get her back - Shorty, a temperamental gun toting midget, Eustace Cox a self-proclaimed tracker, and Hog the 600 pound…well…hog. They are sure to meet some more classic Lansdale characters on their quest and bring them along for the ride. And what a crazy, bloody ride it is.

An excellent western tour de force of violence and mayhem with a truly unique cast of characters that only Joe could have cooked up. Well done. 4+ Stars and Highly Recommended!