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The Consultant

The Consultant - Bentley Little Trouble in the workplace?

Declining employee morale?

Financial troubles looming?

No worries! BFG consulting firm and consultant extraordinaire Mr. Regus Patoff to the rescue. He will streamline processes, increase productivity and even make house calls. Might even mastermind a few employee terminations, while he’s at it. Hell of a job…Or a job of hell? Either way, CompWare Corporation is in for some serious reorg.

I am a little embarrassed to say that I have not read a lot of Bentley Little’s work. I just may have to remedy that sooner than later, because this one was really quite good. It was a bit of a slow burn at times, but there were several moments of pay off that more than made up for it.

The Consultant – Regus Patoff was a truly great character and had some classic laugh out loud lines in this one. There was also a building sense of “creepy” dripping off of Mr. Patoff as he inserts himself into the lives of the employees of CompWare. Very well done and a solid 4+ Stars! Highly Recommended.