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Haunt - Laura Lee Bahr I have had this one on my tbr for a while now and when I saw that it had an audible companion, I snatched up the audio. It was the first time I used the Whispersync function, switching back and forth from reading to listening. It worked surprisingly well and I kind of dug it.

Laura Lee Bahr pens a weird one here. Shifting narrative perspectives, timelines and story threads - this should have been a total mess. It wasn’t. From the lead character “You” to a ghost, to an investigative reporter in love with a dead girl, this one is part horror/mystery/thriller. The summary describes it as “a tripping-balls Los Angeles noir, where a mysterious dame drags you through a time-warping Bizarro hall of mirrors.” Not a bad description, but I almost didn’t read it because it sounded too “weird”. I wouldn’t categorize it as Bizarro at all, as that is sometimes a turn off for me, but I will say that it was very strange...in a good way. Sometimes during that audio I would switch to the text version and see how exactly it was formatted on the page. It must have been challenging for the narrators at times, however, they pretty much nailed it and managed not to stumble over some of the more unique writing formats.

Well done and highly entertaining. I enjoyed this one a lot and am glad I finally gave it a shot.