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Red Night Zone - Bangkok City

Red Night Zone - Bangkok City - James A. Newman *Review for Audible audio version*

My second foray into the world of P.I. Joe Dylan and James A. Newman’s, Bangkok Noir. Evidently I am incapable of reading (listening) to these in order, because I seem to be doing it backwards, but these stories are more than strong enough to stand on their own.

A private investigator is hired to look into the apparent suicide of a local working girl who may have been wrapped up in something sinister inside the Red Night Zone. To find the truth he must not only battle his own personal demons, but he must take on a group of powerful forces inside the private and popular sex club - Demon Dreams.

Nicholas Patrella once again nails the story with his excellent narration. His voice is in my head now and I will never be able to read a Joe Dylan tale without it in the background. (That’s a good thing, btw) A very good story with a very well done reading. Recommended for anybody who likes their noir, dark and gritty.

*I was provided an audible review copy of this title from the narrator in exchange for an honest review. This was it.