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The White Flamingo (Joe Dylan)

The White Flamingo (Joe Dylan) - James Newman *Review for the audiobook version*

A solid Pulp Noir tale of murder and corruption in Fun City.

A brutal murder. Tammy, 8-Ball puddy pocket. Local cops are dirty and the son of a famous 70’s pin up girl known as The White Flamingo looks good for the crime. American Detective and smack fan, Joe Dylan is hired to wade through the seedy underbelly of Thailand to catch the real killer and set her son free.

Nicholas Patrella nailed the narration for this gritty and sometimes brutal crime noir and didn’t miss a beat throughout. I think his narration and pacing really added to the tale and I will be looking out for more stuff from both the author and narrator of this one. 4 Stars and Highly Recommended.

A review copy of this audiobook was provided by the narrator at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review. This is it.