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Summer House with Swimming Pool

Summer House with Swimming Pool - Herman Koch *Review for audio version*

Peter Berkrot’s narration for this one was freaking perfect. I can’t imagine a better voice for the main character of Dr. Marc Schlosser. The dry sarcasm and dark humor flowed easily and effortlessly throughout.

Dr. Marc Schlosser is a general practitioner and a genuine grade-A S.O.B. If you’re looking for a feel good, redemptive tale, you have come to the wrong spot. There are no redeeming qualities about the main character in this one. Our protagonist is exactly who he is supposed to be and there are no apologies made about it.

Very well written with deeply drawn characters and a solid, somewhat meandering, plot line. Excellent. An easy 4+ stars for story alone and 5 stars with the spot on narration. Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Edward and Gregor who turned me on to this. The Dinner has been on my tbr for a while and I may not have got around to this one had it not been for the positive reviews.