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BadAss Zombie Road Trip

BadAss Zombie Road Trip - Tonia Brown **Review for Audiobook version**

Well, this one was certainly not boring. Lots of action and sarcastic wit filled dialog. With a title like BadAss Zombie Road Trip you can expect over the top characters, whacky road trip antics and plenty of comedy.

After a deal gone south with the devil, Dale loses his soul and now instead of going to Reno to play a gig, he and Jonah must travel across the country to literally try and save their souls. Along the way they will meet many interesting characters and even end up all douched up in maxi pads and feminine odor control products. Huh? Yep. Hygiene happens.

The narrator did a great job with this one. Good inflection and comedic timing. Recommended for a light hearted and fun listen.

*I received a review copy of the audiobook from the publisher/author for an honest review and this is it.