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Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors
Adam Nevill
Exorcist Falls: Includes the novella Exorcist Road
Jonathan Janz

Dark Screams: Volume Five

Dark Screams: Volume Five - J. Kenner, Mick Garris, Richard Chizmar, Brian James Freeman, Bentley Little Another entertaining installment from Dark Screams. Dark Screams 5 is an eclectic mix of writing styles and short horror tales and this one has a “Masters of Horror” TV show vibe to it. I wonder if that is coincidence since Mick Garris produced the show. Hmmm. Ok, maybe I am reading into it a little bit. Nonetheless, a good mix of dark tales.

Everything You’ve Always Wanted by Mick Garris
A big price to pay for a one night stand at a horror convention. Ouch.
3.5 Stars.

The Land of Sunshine by Kealan Patrick Burke
A man with a gnawing absence wandering the streets. Searching.
4 Stars.

Mechanical Gratitude by Del James
Arnold Rinaldi loves his 1968 Camaro SS with a 396 engine.
3 Stars.

The One and Only by J. Kenner
Luke and his friends go on Summer Blow-out Pussy Patrol.
3 Stars.

The Playhouse by Bentley Little
Lois showing a house with a playhouse in back. A very interesting playhouse.
5 Stars.

I received an advance copy of this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and this is it.