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Fantastic Earth Destroyer Ultra Plus

Fantastic Earth Destroyer Ultra Plus - Cameron Pierce, Jim Agpalza From egg shaming to fisting Summer with the manta ray vajayjay, Tetsuo seems to be having a rather difficult, and often, tragic time of it in this adult bizzaro fable. All he needs to do is figure out a way to evade the puppet people of Itchy Zoo and defeat Satan with the strawberry damnation breath. Then and only then, can he and Candle be truly free.

I’m actually surprised how much I enjoyed this one from Cameron Pierce and Jim Agpalza. I bought it on a whim from Sinister Grin Press because it was on sale and looked cool. As it turns out, it is a very good bizzaro read (and very bizzaro at that) with some beautifully well done and disturbing artwork throughout that really enhanced the experience of the “fairytale”. If I knew more about this particular genre, I may rate it higher, but I’m giving it a solid 4 Stars for originality and pure craziness.