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Night Film

Night Film - Jake Weber, Marisha Pessl This was one long mofo of an audio book. I will give it extra brownie points for holding my attention enough to listen to all 23 hours of it. That’s not a misprint. Twenty-Three Hours! Damn, that is a long ass listen. Worth it too.

A very well done thriller/mystery/suspense tale that immediately grabbed my interest. Even though there were a few parts that I thought droned a bit, I was never taken out of the story and not once did it lose its noir-ish flavor and tone.

I sometimes wonder about my enjoyment factor when listening to a book on audio versus physically reading it. I think some books lend themselves very well to audio (A Man Called Ove, The Narrows, etc.) and conversely a good or would have been good book can be ruined by shit narration ie. Shackeled by Ray Garton. Even though I truly enjoyed the narration for Night Film and thought Jake Weber absolutely nailed it in every way, I have to wonder if I would have given it the full 5 stars had I read it. Hmmm. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way I enjoyed the hell out of this one.