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Nothing Lasting

Nothing Lasting - Glen Krisch Glen Krisch pens a very good tale about growing up with loss, resentment, and love. And secrets. Dark secrets.

Noah Berkley's childhood is turned upside down with the separation of his parents and the death of his estranged grandfather. Forced to move to a new town and interact with kids he only had the barest recollection of, he must now search to fit in and find some sort of peace in his new environment. It doesn’t take long for it to go spiraling out of control however, and it is up to Noah to uncover deep town secrets and find the truth. In the process, he may save the love of his life and maybe himself in the process.

Another solid read from Mr. Krisch, who provided me a copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. I assure you that he did not have to twist my arm and I jumped at the opportunity. It did not disappoint and I recommend anything that Glen puts out there.