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Proud Parents

Proud Parents - Kristopher Rufty Proud Parents by Kristopher Rufty has it all. Privately funded evil experiments gone awry, grizzley murder, missing pets, mutated children and general good time bloody mayhem.

Greg and Sheila were having some troubles having a baby, so decided to enroll in an experimental procedure. It worked…sort of. Ok, not really. Project: Newborn went sideways fast and the children were either stillborn or came out mutated with a taste for human flesh. The program along with its participants was terminated. All except for Greg and Sheila and their beautiful baby boy Gabe.

Now on the run, these proud parents are searching for answers to Gabe’s worsening “condition” and for the doctor at the clinic who ran the experiments to see if he can help.

There has got to be a sequel to this bad boy. I would like to see Gabe grow up a little and really do some damage. Looks like Greg and Sheila could do some damage themselves now that they are good to go with stocking the freezer for Gabe. Proud parents for sure.