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New Moon on the Water

New Moon on the Water - Mort Castle, Vincent Chong I received the audiobook version of this title from Dark Regions Press as an Indiegogo campaign perk. I was pretty jazzed, because I have had the ebook for a while and just couldn’t seem to get it to the top of my tbr (which happens a lot with books I really want to read, btw) Glad I was finally able to get to it and give it a listen.

This was my first time reading/listening to anything by Mort Castle. Since I struggle sometimes with short story collections, I was a little worried about this one, but Mort’s collection flowed well, was easy to listen to and had a pretty eclectic mix up of shorts and super shorts. My favorites were “The Healers” about faith and a women looking for relief from her ailments and “Bird’s Dead” about a good ole’ time juke joint where the jazz greats hang out…forever…at least most of them.

Every time I listen to an audiobook I always wonder how I would receive it if I just “read” it instead of listening to it. Would it be better? Worse? I think it could probably go both ways depending on the narrator and the pacing, etc. I have listened to one or two that I couldn’t stomach at all, but when I physically read them they were much better and I have tried a few that I just couldn’t listen to and quit them before I even really started. The full cast version of The Halloween Tree, as an example, I hated and couldn’t listen to it at all and then I tried a different audio and quite enjoyed it.

Overall, I am giving this one a solid 3+ Stars, but your mileage may vary.