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The Hanover Block

The Hanover Block - Gregor Xane Gregor is one twisted dude. But he can write a hell of a story. A truly wonderful and twisted story, indeed.

Before I even picked this one up, I had decided that I wasn’t going to give it 5 stars because Gregor and I are GR friends and I thought that it would appear biased if I did. Well, F that. I finished this one and it was a soild 4.5 stars. Excellent. Then…I started thinking about it. I couldn’t stop. The more I sat and pondered the story and what happened and how well it was written, I came to the conclusion that it was frickin’ brilliant.

Gregor is much more than just a technically proficient writer. He knows how to tell a story that creeps into your brain and makes you think. He does not describe every minute detail of the storyline and gives the reader just enough required (albeit twisted) information to make the imagination go freaking nuts. I was left with plenty of disturbing imagery from this one, for sure. I may very well be traumatized.

Edward Lorn called this one “backyard bizarro of the nastiest order.” I think that is an utterly fitting description. Is there even such a thing? There is now. Bizarre? Yes. Intriguing with horrific elements? Yes. Brilliant? You bet. Don’t believe me? Check it out and see for yourself. Solid 5 Stars! Highest possible recommendation! Frickin’ crazy, man.