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The First One You Expect

The First One You Expect - Adam Cesare Tony films micro budget horror films in his best friends’ basement. When Tony and Burt meet Anna, she may be perfect to star in their new film and get them all the recognition they deserve. Move over Debaser, there is a new slasher in town, and her name is The Cat Killer, a beautiful, sexy and deadly new murderess on the scene. Roll camera.

This one seemed a little different from the other works I previously read from Mr. Cesare - Told in the first person narrative with a tongue-in-cheek story line that reminded me a little of Jeff Strand without the biting comedic commentary. Still, it was a fast paced and entertaining short novella, with some very interesting characters that I would have liked to get to know a bit more, perhaps, in a slightly longer format. I am looking forward to reading more from Adam and will remedy that very soon.