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Blackout - Tim Curran A quaint little street in middle class suburbia USA. Everybody knows everybody and life is simple…maybe even boring. Not this night, however. Jon’s wife goes missing and he is growing more and more frantic to find out how why she has disappeared. The neighborhood search is on…then the lights go out. And I mean out – No power, internet, phones, nothing. Even the stars have gone black. A storm is brewing. Now, it’s up to Jon and his neighbors to find out what is going on before the whole block goes to hell in a hand basket.

Tim Curran is easily in my top 10 favorite authors, probably top 5. The dude has serious skills that imbibe intense feelings of growing dread. You can be assured, if it’s putrid, his words have the power to make you smell the decay. Tim also has the uncanny ability to build solid and deep characterization quickly and effectively even within the confines of a novella length tale. Fast, dark, tense and completely Curran. 5 Stars! Highest Recommendation!