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The Blue Blazes

The Blue Blazes - Chuck Wendig You don't need “They Live” glasses to see the underworld. Just the Blue. Blaze away and see it all…even the parts you may wish you had never seen at all. Mookie is on a mission to save a crime boss’s life, but he is going to have to conquer the Great Below to do it and there are things in the tangle that will try and stop him at any cost. One of them, just so happens, to be his daughter.

This is my first Wendig read (actually, audio book) and the dude can flat out write. The concepts are intriguing. The action moves at a fairly brisk pace. The dialog is crisp and tight. A large (too large?) cast of whacked out characters fills the underworld that Chuck creates for us. A very enjoyable start to a new series from CW. I will be looking up his older stuff for sure.