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Tankbread - Paul Mannering This one was pretty crazy with some very good action and interesting zombie concepts.

The EVOLS are getting smarter. They are running things now. The leftover Meat must feed the EVOLS Tankbread to satisfy their hunger, so they won’t become the main course.

The feral undead are not smart like the EVOLS. All they want is human flesh. They are hungry…they are always hungry. Small groups of survivors are trying to stay alive and rebuild civilization the best that they can without becoming meat themselves.

Else is Tankbread. The Courier rescued her and is teaching her things. She is beautiful and one hell of a zombie killer. Else has 30 days to live unless she and the Courier can get across some very dangerous terrain and get answers from the geeks who are the only ones with the cure.

Fast paced and bloody with very well developed characters, all wrapped up in an Australian accent. Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead. Reminds me of a great name for a punk band “Bangin’ Tankbread” or “EVOL Meat”. 3.5+ Stars!