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Cruelty: Episode One

Cruelty: Episode One - Edward Lorn If you dig serials, then this one is for you. I am not a fan of serials, in general, but I have been chomping at the bit for a Lorn story, so I gave this one a go on audio. As it turns out, the narration was very good and the story was even better.

Running across Cruelty on a stretch of lonely highway, two strangers, Will and Innis, are in for a wild and bloody ride on the road to Forgiveness. All they have to do is avoid the baby doll and stay alive…not as easy as it sounds…

Edward warned me in the preface that I may be a wee pissed the way this one ends in a cliffhanger. He was right. Just as this one was getting flipping crazy, it was over. Damn. That’s one way to hook you. I need to find out wtf is going on in episode two! Problem with serials though is I hope I can get to it soon enough. Solid 4 stars, possibly on the way to even more, but the serial thing might just get in the way.