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The Halloween Bride

The Halloween Bride - Bryan Smith The night before Halloween, Deacon Croswell, still suffering from the recent loss of his girlfriend, finds himself stalking after a ghostly woman dressed all in black. When he finally catches up to her she has an offer for him that he cannot refuse.

A solid novella, but a wee predictable and ended “seemingly” abruptly for me. (I was surprised it ended when it did, because I was looking at the page count and forgot there was an additional story attached to this one.) That’s me being a knucklehead and my fault entirely. Oops. At least it wasn’t a bunch of blurbs from upcoming work or other publishers’ titles. I hate that sh*t. Mini-rant over. Sorry, Bryan.

The Halloween Bride is exactly what it sounds like and penned well, I just felt like it was missing something (and I don’t know what.) Seasonally appropriate for sure. 3+ Stars

Now, on to the bonus short. “Standing in Line for the Death Machine” was an extremely good short story. It had all the right amounts of creepy and wtf. Who doesn’t hate standing in line? Especially, if it may lead straight to hell. A Super Solid 4+ Stars

I needs me to read some more Bryan Smith.