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I Am the New God

I Am the New God - Nicole Cushing The Hierophant, The Hop-frog and a New God.

I Am The New God by Nicole Cushing is a very good and strange trip into madness and delusional divinity. Or is it real? I guess that is the question. You will have to read it to find out.

This one is written well, in the first person narrative, and moves pretty quickly. I thought I had this one figured out by the 25% point and by 75% I was convinced. I was wrong, but pleasantly surprised so.

A religious fanatic, shooed out of church ministry, must find a way to convince and guide a disturbed college student toward his ascension into being the New God. A few letters later, it is all going exactly as planned…

I was a bit bummed that Hop-frog did not make a re-appearance at the end. He may have been my favorite character. Ha.