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The Janus Legacy

The Janus Legacy - Lisa von Biela The Janus Legacy is a pretty darn good sci-fi-ish medical thriller in the vein of the older works of Robin Cook (that is a compliment, btw).

Jeremy has inherited a large chunk of land, a mansion, a garage full of luxury vehicles. It’s all his…under one condition. He has to take over and run the innovative and experimental, bio-genetics company that his estranged father founded that produces organs for transplant purposes. Now Jeremy must run the very company that had caused a great rift in their relationship and work thru his ethical and moral dilemmas while struggling to cure himself of a terrible disease. How far will he go to save himself? How far would you go?

A fast paced thriller with good characterization and several points of view explored regarding the work at Soma-Gene and the ethical/moral questions that arise. The ending was perfect and made me laugh a bit, even though if you really think about it, it was pretty horrific. (Hey, what goes around, comes around sometimes) 3.5+ Stars