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Dead Trash: A Zombie Exploitation Quadruple Feature

Dead Trash: A Zombie Exploitation Quadruple Feature - Ed Kurtz The first half of this book was very good except for the fact that all the characters I liked kept getting killed off (which I can deal with, I guess). But, about half way this story took a hard turn and went all cheesy Kung Fu movie on me and threw me off the story almost completely. I didn’t see that coming and while it didn’t totally fail, it didn’t totally work either. It also drove me crazy that it was never really explained how Zeke was still alive. I don’t need all the answers in a novel to make it work for me, but that would have been nice to know. This one had a lot of potential and was written very well , but was just a 3+ star read for me, which includes a half star taken away for the Kung Fu and a half star given back because the book cover is f’n cool.