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Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes - John Everson Spiders!! Damn! Alligators, rapid squirrels, venomous snakes, Sasquatch…bring it on…but, a teeny spider and I’m dancin’ on the dining room table trying to suck ‘em up with the vacuum cleaner. (Got to keep it on for at least 5 minutes too, because otherwise they crawl out and are super pissed.)

A new start for Rachel and her son Eric doesn’t go exactly as planned when strange things start happening in the small town of Passanattee, Florida. Pets are disappearing and entire blocks are covered with cobwebs and dark swarms of biting flies have taken to the air and are hungry for warm human flesh to make their own personal incubators. The government is going to have to get creative in hushing this one up and it will be a race to see if anyone can get out of town alive.

John Everson delivers the creepy crawlies with this one. I haven’t itched so bad reading a book since Alan Rykers “The Hoard”. John’s characters are vivid and his action flows without a hitch. A fast, flyin’ fanged good ole time! Excellent. 4.5 Stars easy! Highly Recommended!