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The Ravine

The Ravine - William Meikle, Wayne Miller William Meikle can flat out write. His prose is uncomplicated, yet somehow goes much deeper than words on a page – he breathes life into his stories. Does that make any sense? If you have read him, then you know what I’m talking about. The Ravine is no exception. It moves fast with a well developed cast of characters and some truly unique and grotesque monsters. Will you serve?

The Ravine is a story of angels and demons. An old evil has been unearthed and a small town is under siege by dark forces. Armed with only a saber, a fiddle and song (and maybe some big irons) a few unlikely heroes must fend off a horde of nasties to protect the world from the Old One getting out and creating hell on earth. Literally.

I enjoyed everything about this one from Willie - pacing, plot, character development, and creatures big and small. It was a lot of fun to read and flowed fast and smooth. Highly Recommended! 4.5 Stars!