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Lesser Creatures

Lesser Creatures - Peter Giglio 15 years ago the dead started to return to life. They were not hungry for brains, but would prefer a nice fast food burger and single malt. (Ok, scratch the single malt, Jack is fine.) They have become a terrible financial burden on society and have taken on the status of “lesser creatures”. What some call a curse or a disease others have built a religion around and believe the second lifers are some kind of a prophecy being fulfilled? Change is coming, however, and when one of the second lifers commits a terrible act of violence, the world just may go to hell in a hand-basket and one mans savior may just be the one to take them there.

I thoroughly enjoyed this DarkFuse novella from Peter Giglio. It was a unique and original view on a sometimes tired genre. Tragedy, lies, betrayal, love and the undead. The more I think about this one the more intriguing I think is was (is). I look forward to some more of Peters work and already have Sunfall Manor in the queue.