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The Venus Complex

The Venus Complex - Barbie Wilde This has been on my tbr for a while, solely based on the Daniele Serra cover art alone. Then I saw a review from my GR friend Paul (and progress status from Charlene) for “Voices of the Damned” which is the new story collection from Barbie coming out later this year, I believe. That lit a wee fire under me to finally check out this one out and I’m glad I did.

The Venus Complex is the story of Professor Michael Friday, told in first person narrative thru the entries in his personal journal. Kind of like an internal psycho blog. First person narratives have a tendency to grate on me occasionally and that was almost the case here, but Barbie really kept it moving along nicely.

Professor Michael Friday is one sick puppy. Actually, he believes he is coming into his own…finally. He is an artist. Ok, he is definitely a sick puppy and spreading his form of sickness around. Nobody wants what dude is putting out there into the universe. Unless you are into mayhem and death.

A twisted, satisfying and recommended read. I will be checking out her new one, for sure.