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Lurker - Gary Fry Meg’s life has been rough lately. She suffered the loss of a child and is struggling to hold it together. Her husband is cheating on his corporate expense report and on Meg. Not a nice guy. Fortunately for Meg there is justice living in the old abandoned mine…Ok, maybe not justice, but there is an ancient evil creature that has risen and is going to take care of business. Is Meg’s mind playing tricks and her depression getting the best of her or is there really something deep in the mine that has finally surfaced?

A very good novella from DarkFuse. Gary Fry weaves a tale of grief, betrayal and horror that leaves us to wonder what is true or imagined and what was the real outcome of the story. Sometimes that doesn’t work for me, but Gary pulls it off in this one and I enjoyed thinking up scenarios for the ending. Very well done.