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Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf - Tim McGregor *Review for the Audible audiobook*

A very good and entertaining listen. The narrator nailed it and had the perfect tone and cadence for this type of story.

My first Tim McGregor story, but definitely not my last. The characters were fleshed out well and I particularly enjoyed the relationship with Gallagher, his daughter and Mendes and thought it gave the story additional depth and color. The action and tension built steadily to a satisfying conclusion (and yes it did kind of leave you hanging for the second installment). Overall, this one was very well done and look forward to the second and third in the series.

A solidly written and entertaining werewolf novel with plenty of likeable characters (and plenty of unlikable ones as well). 4+ Stars

*Note: I was provided a copy of this audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review and this was it.*