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Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep - Stephen King I recently reread The Shining in anticipation of Doctor Sleep and it was kind of cool to read them back to back. The books are vastly different in feel, but both have some classic King qualities.

Doctor Sleep is a very good, solid story. As usual, King delivers a well paced and characterized novel.

At first I was not too sure about The True Knot story line, but it really came together and flowed much better for me as it progressed. It was also very interesting to see how Danny survived the Overlook experience and how he dealt with growing up and having to revisit some of his old demons and abilities.

Beware of old people in RV’s wearing “Kiss My Bass” t-shirts! Sound advice indeed!

4+ Stars

I wonder what will happen to Abra? The Shining 3!! She seemed to have some “Carrie-like” qualities at the end. She, for sure, has a nasty temper…just like Uncle Dan and his dad.