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Hell Gate

Hell Gate - Elizabeth Massie Forced out of her home and into a prestigious school for young ladies because of her “unnatural abilities”, Suzanne finds a group of girls with similar gifts that get together to try and hone their special skills in order to get stronger – The Order of Morgans. When one of the group gets too power hungry for the small time clairvoyants, events happen and tragedy strikes. Years later Suzanne, now a ticket taker at a local attraction, is drawn into a murder type mystery that is somehow connected to her past. A past that she cannot fully recollect. Suzanne needs to remember and figure out the mystery before it destroys her…or has it already?

This was a pretty good story from Elizabeth Massie. There were elements of the story that I hoped would be more realized the spinning chair and zombie type minions could have been a great story unto themselves and parts of the murder mystery did not fully gel on some levels. The writing was solid and the prose was not too stuffy for the time period which would have been easy to do. Overall an enjoyable read. I look forward to more from this author.