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Red - Jack Ketchum Avery Allen Ludlow didn’t do anything to the three punk-ass kids that came up on him while he was fishing down by the river with his dog Red. They did plenty to him however. Now, it’s time to fess up for the deeds done and harms perpetrated. When it becomes apparent that is not going to happen, Avery takes matters into his own hands.

Jack Ketchum can tell a hell of a story. While this one may not be as brutal as some of the previous works I have read by him, there are some definite similarities in theme. Avery was a truly classic character and JK did an excellent job at giving him depth and heart. It was impossible not to root for him and to hope that the privileged prima donna pricks get exactly what’s coming to them.

A solid 4+ star read and another winner from Mr. Ketchum.