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Holes for Faces

Holes for Faces - Ramsey Campbell, Santiago Caruso I am sad to say that I have not read as much of Ramsey Campbell‘s work as I should. I have only tried one of his older novels and it did not completely work for me, so I was a bit apprehensive about this one. I usually have a hard time with collections because I find a lot of the time the stories can be very inconsistent. Not, so with Holes For Faces. While some stories resonated more with me than others, I thought that they all were very good. Looking back I think that I should have reviewed these as I was going along, but once I started, I didn't want to stop.

Evidently, there is a reason Ramsey Campbell is considered a master. Because he is. This short story collection proves it. Now I get to go back and pick up some of his older stuff. Nice.