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Conjure House

Conjure House - Gary Fry This one started off a little slow for me and was a bit repetitive at times. The base story with the childhood friends coming home for a reunion has been done and the characters seemed a bit tired. The three friends that came back for the reunion didn’t really have any “skin in the game” and I was wondering why they were there and why they would even come back.

I did find the underlying premise very creative with “art” being a gateway to summoning dark entities and melding time - God’s-eye view as it is referred to within the story.

It sounds like I didn’t like this story, but I did. I found some parts very intriguing and well thought out, but there were some parts that seemed to be hammering elementary concepts over and over. I couldn’t get over the fact that the main characters wanted to move into the house after brutal murder of Anthony’s parents and the menacing undertone of the “Conjure House”. I also had a very hard time identifying with the young son Carl as his thoughts and language did not jibe with the age set.

With all that said, I still rather enjoyed the read, wish it was trimmed down a bit and I am eagerly awaiting Gary’s new one – Lurker.