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Limbus, Inc.

Limbus, Inc. - Jonathan Maberry, Joseph Nassise, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Brett J. Talley *Review for the audio version*

Limbus Inc. is a very good shared world anthology of short stories revolving around a mysterious and dark employment agency and its hires. There are some very good authors on display here, only one of which I had not previously read. The audio narration was very well done and the cadence and tone of each of the individual stories flowed together nicely.

Right off the bat with Etheridge’s story, I knew this was going to be a little sci-fi/fantasy heavy for me. The real surprise was that I really enjoyed every one of these tales despite the genre influences that I typically avoid. That is quite a feat and is a testament to how well this shared world anthology was put together and written. Very well done. I am definitely looking forward to the next installment of the series. Solid 4+ Stars and Highly Recommended!