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Come Out Tonight

Come Out Tonight - Richard Laymon Old, dried up, cracked rubber. Come on dude. Get your sh*t together. You need that rubber, man. Like, bad. Like, right now. Thank God for the Spee-D-Mart down the street. 10 minutes. Tops. Then you and Sherry can bump uglies until the sun comes up. That is if you can make it home from the store at all.

Definitely Laymon. Lots of crazy going on. Lots of nasty situations. And yes, lots of the signature Laymon nipples. Pink, bruised, pinched, swollen, sliced, bit, etc. There all here. Excellent.

I not sure how to rate this one. It was good. Nothing spectacular, but enough going on to keep me interested throughout. Mindless fun and senseless violence. Who doesn’t like that? 3+ Stars!