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Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy

Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy - Lee  Thompson Not only is Lee Thompson a hell of a good guy, he can also write a damn good story! Lee’s prose is clean and fast. His narratives are smooth and well thought out. His stories are dark (sometimes very dark with shades of fantasy), but he never loses sight of the emotional element in his stories in favor of cheap shocks or tubs of gore.

Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy is the tale of a witch born of betrayal and revenge and a vampire bent on destruction and driven by bloodlust. An entire town gets caught up in the crosshairs and when the two forces collide with an innocent family in the middle it will be a battle to the death.

This work really read like two smaller novellas for me - each with their own story lines and then crossing together at the end for the climax. I think that Lee has easily established himself as one of the top dark fiction writers in the genre today and Gossamer is no exception. 4.5 Stars. Highly Recommended!