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Season of the Wolf

Season of the Wolf - Jeffrey J. Mariotte This story confused me a little with the killer and the nightmare of the mine worker and I was having a real hard time connecting the dots with the wolves and why they were doing what they were doing (which I am still left wondering).

I think the writing was good and I did enjoy the style and the speed of the writing, however, the story itself left me wanting. I thought there could have been much more menace presented from the wolves and that the (supernatural?) aspect with the former mine employee could have been developed much deeper.

The story almost lost me completely a few times, during the political diatribes regarding global warming and climate changes, but it passed quickly enough to keep me reading.

Another scene that I was left wondering about was the den and dynamite scene - I thought there could have been much more drama and suspense, but then it just kind of petered out with no climax and moved on with no relation or effect on the rest of the story. As other reviewers have commented, it was a bit too cliché’ for me.

I really wanted to like this one more, but just could not completely connect the dots during the story. I look forward to reading more from Jeffrey J. Mariotte, because I really did like his style, but am hoping for a bit more depth of story from his other work.