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Ursa Major

Ursa Major - John R. Little Dan wants to bond with Nicole, his 6 year old step daughter, on a weekend camping trip to watch the Perseid meteor shower in the middle of the woods outside Fairbanks, Alaska. Sounds like quality bonding time. As a matter of fact, it was going ok, until a big ass mother f@cking Grizzly Bear ate their dog and trapped them in a supply closet with no food or water. Sh@t. Nicole’s mom is going to kill him. How long before help arrives? Can they survive that long? With nothing more than a little weed and a screwdriver to use as a weapon, they are going to have to get creative. Real creative…and real fast, before time runs out.

This one comes at you like a runaway grizzly roaring and tearing his way thru your living room. Or rather your remote cabin in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska. A very well done short novella from Mr. Little that takes off fast and doesn’t let up until the bitter end. 4 Stars!