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The Ritual

The Ritual - Adam Nevill Beware. Semi-spoilery comments below. You have been warned.

Hmmm. A tale of two parts. The first part was written well (a wee wordy, maybe) but pretty darn good. A tense and suspenseful journey in the forest with 4 old chums on holiday who are being stalked by an unknown entity and getting picked off one by one. Then, just when I was wondering how this could possibly continue for the remaining half of the book, the story takes a hard left turn and the next thing I know we run across some Black Metal fools that are trying to resurrect an ancient God and use the last remaining group member as a sacrifice. Weird. Still written well, but seemed out of place within the context of the first half and was equally as wordy (maybe even more so). I kind of hated it. It came back around a little bit, but never fully recovered for me. Fug. Maybe my hopes were just too high for this one.