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Last Days

Last Days - Adam Nevill Extreme guerrilla film-making. Six locations, three countries in eleven days. Easy peasy. Except when the Old Friends come to crash the party. Blood Friends. The bodies are starting to pile up and soon it will be raining black bones. If you think that’s bad, just wait ‘till you hear about Sister-fat-fuck-Katherine and the Unholy Swine. The time of Ascent is here.

A solid read that almost felt like two novellas in one – The Search and The Siege. Both very good. Both very dark, but paced differently with the action really getting ratcheted up in the last 15%. I am giving this one a super solid 4.5 Stars, but am rounding down instead of up (still 5 Ammy stars) because I thought it could have used a trim in the first half and a valium in the second.