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Personal Demons

Personal Demons - Gregory Lamberson A disgraced New York City Homicide Detective with an alcohol and cocaine problem is on the case of a serial killer known as The Cipher.

A reclusive billionaire has plans to sell genetic mutations to the highest bidder and sell out human souls for an even greater price in his quest for immortality.

Tack on an Angel and Demon who are fighting for the Light and Dark and a genetically engineered women bent on serving the billionaire and the sh*t gets very serious, very fast. Heaven and Hell clash in a battle for humanity and it is up the broken ex-cop to save the world…and perhaps his very own soul.

Gregory Lamberson is off to a great start to the Jake Helman series. He has created a character that is entertaining, interesting and dangerously flawed. I look forward to playing a bit of catch up with the series and seeing what trouble Jake can get himself into (and hopefully out of).