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Trailer Park Noir

Trailer Park Noir - Ray Garton Riverside Mobile Home Park is the place to be. Unit 9 is home to a recovering alcoholic PI. Unit 5 is a porno den for an up and coming website. Unit 17 is a meth lab. Unit 8 is a part-time stripper mom with a super-hot mentally handicapped 16 year old daughter. You see where this is going? Man that shit goes together with trailer parks like peas and carrots. Throw in some drug OD’s, jealous husbands, plenty of inappropriate trailer park sex and the Secret Service and you have a Garton classic. Twisted, man, twisted. Oh yeah, and pretty good too. Exactly what you would expect from Garton with this subject matter, except without the vampires or werewolves or soul-sucking succubus’s.