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Snowblind - Michael McBride An annual elk hunting trip goes terribly wrong for four old college buddies as the tables get turned and the hunters become the hunted. Trapped in a broken down cabin, the tension and suspense are palpable, as the college friends try and understand their enemy and defend themselves against a creature(s) they cannot see, while in the midst of a horrible blizzard. With visibility down to almost nothing, the survivors must decide to make a stand and fight, or try and run and risk getting lost and dying of exposure anyway. Not exactly the reunion they had planned.

Michael McBride knows how to write an engaging tale and certainly does not disappoint with his novella Snowblind. A classic creature feature for sure. This one reads fast and is a hard one to put down. For a novella size work there is just enough character development to get a vested interest in the characters welfare and his tension building in a short period of time is perfect! Solid 4+ Stars - Highly Recommended!