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14 - Peter Clines This one starts out a bit of a slow burn as we are introduced to the Kavach building and its tenants. Then it morphs into a mystery/thriller type of story, as the characters who call the apartment building their home start to experience strange happenings and messages hidden within the walls of the Kavach. As more is revealed, it quickly becomes apparent that something much more sinister is going on here. Much more.

Enter the Squales. No wonder the rent was so affordable.

I enjoyed this one very much and wasn’t expecting the turn it took at around 60% or so. I convinced myself it was a standard haunted apartment story based solely on the cover. Turns out there is a wee more to it. That’s what I get for thinking.

A well written and crafted tale with depth of character and a unique story line. This one had a bit of everything, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, and horror. There was even a hint of a love story in here. Crazy. Well done.